Yuval Peres' Presentations.

I am a mathematician working in Probability Theory, Fractals, Combinatorics and Computing. 
In this website you can find slides of lectures that I have given over the years, with links to corresponding journal publications and videos, when available. 


The largest dimension of sets on which Brownian motion is monotone

Richárd Balka and Yuval Peres
January 15, 2015

Finding Hidden Cliques in Linear Time with High Probability

Yael Dekel, Orl Gurel-Gurevich
and Yuval Peres

Characterization of cutoff for reversible Markov chains

Yuval Peres Joint work with Riddhi Basu and Jonathan Hermon
3 December, 2014

The range of a rotor walk and recurrence of directed lattices

Yuval Peres, aura Florescu and Lionel Levine
November 10, 2021