Yuval Peres' Presentations.

I am a mathematician working in Probability Theory, Fractals, Combinatorics and Computing. 
In this website you can find slides of lectures that I have given over the years, with links to corresponding journal publications and videos, when available. 

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The largest dimension of sets on which Brownian motion is monotone

Richárd Balka and Yuval Peres
January 15, 2015

Finding Hidden Cliques in Linear Time with High Probability

Yael Dekel, Orl Gurel-Gurevich
and Yuval Peres
January 11, 2015

Characterization of cutoff for reversible Markov chains

Yuval Peres Joint work with Riddhi Basu and Jonathan Hermon
3 December, 2014

The range of a rotor walk and recurrence of directed lattices

Yuval Peres, Laura Florescu and Lionel Levine
November 10, 2021

Competitive Erosion is conformally invariant

Based on joint works with Shirshendu Ganguly, Lionel Levineand James Propp.

Two Erd˝os problems on lacunary sequences: Chromatic number and Diophantine approximation

Joint work with Wilhelm Schlag

Hunter, Cauchy Rabbit and Optimal Kakeya sets​

Yuval Peres, Yakov Babichenko, Ron Peretz,Perla Sousi, Peter Winkler
November 10, 2021

Random Walk on Dynamical Percolation

Yuval Peres Joint work with Perla Sousi and Jeff Steif

Trace Reconstruction for Deletion Channels

Joint work with Nina Holden, Fedor Nazarov, Robin Pemantle,  and Alex Zhai
December 6, 2020

What does a Point Process Outside a Domain tell us about What’s Inside?

Yuval Peres, Subhro Ghosh, Fedor Nazarov, and Mikhail Sodin
March, 2012

From Laplacian Growth to Competitive Erosion

Yuval Peres and Lionel Levine
September 8, 2016

Testing Graph Cluster Structure in Sublinear Time

Yuval Peres, Ashish Chiplunkar, Michael Kapralov, Sanjeev Khanna,
and Aida Mousavifar
November 5, 2018

Communication Cost of Consensus for Nodes with Limited Memory

Yuval Peres, Giulia Fanti, Nina Holden, and Gireeja Ranade
September 25, 2018

Brownian Motion with Variable Drift

Yuval Peres and Perla Sousi

The Strange Geometry of High-dimensional Spanning Forests

Yuval Peres and Tom Hutchcroft
July 3, 2018

Obtaining Rates of Convergence for Balanced Outcomes via Random-Turn Games

Yuval Peres Joint work with Elisa Celis and Nikhil Devanur
December 14, 2010

How Round are the Complementary Components of Planar Brownian Motion?

Yuval Peres, Nina Holden, Serban Nacu, and Thomas S. Salisbury
November 20, 2016​

Gravitational Allocation to Uniform Points on the Sphere

Yuval Peres, Nina Holden and Alex Zhai

Gravitational Allocation to Poisson Points

Yuval Peres, Sourav Chatterjee, Ron Peled, and Dan Romik

Cutoff for Markov Chains

Yuval Peres and David Levin
July, 2017

Cutoff for a Stratified Random Walk on the Hypercube

Yuval Peres and Anna Ben-Hamou

An Introduction to Ramanujan Graphs and Random Walks on Them

Yuval Peres and Eyal Lubetzky
January 25, 2016

A Stable Marriage of Poisson and Lebesgue

Chris Hoffman, Alexander Holroyd, Robin Pemantle, Yuval Peres, Oded Schramm

Cutoff for the product replacement walk

Y. Peres, R. Tanaka, A. Zhai
May 15, 2018

Poisson Matching​

Yuval Peres Joint with: Ander Holroyd, Robin Pemantle, Oded Schramm